Saturday, 10 June 2017

Big Data Hadoop Training Would No Longer Optional for Enterprises Says Nex-G Skills

Big Data Training
Big Data Hadoop Training
CIOs and marketers predict that combining Hadoop with diverse other big data frameworks can create powerful data processing platforms. Since Enterprises turning to Hadoop, "Hadooponomics" will make Apache's open-source big data platform a "must have for large enterprises."

A recent study released by IBM was that, the end user has created over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Furthermore , the most important point out of that is more than 90% of data in the world has been created within last couple of years. Any growing organization must look at data center hosting options as a viable solution to an ever-evolving business and IT environment. Whether Big Data Training is a solid solution or a manage services option, the modern data center is the spot that can support changed business needs and evolving IT solutions.

SQL, Cloud, Apache HBase, MongoDB are some upcoming predictions about Hadoop:-

SQL has become Hadoop's killer app:

SQL-on-Hadoop could play a tremendous role for industry, this can "create immediate opportunities for Hadoop to become a useful data platform for enterprises" because they will be familiar to data-management professionals and accessible to existing systems.

Cloud Deployment:

Storage, compute, and networking capacity needs are rarely in sync, so cloud elasticity will be a key to cost efficiency, the report argues. Thus, adopters will increasingly use Hadoop in the cloud to meet demand for ad-hoc analytics.

Apache HBase:

This distributed Bigdata management platform was built around Google’s very powerful BigTable management engine. It was designed to run on top of the already widely used Hadoop environment. As a powerful tool to manage large amounts of data, Apache HBase was adopted by Facebook to help them with their messaging platform needs.


This another solid platform has been growing in popularity among many organizations looking to gain control over their big data needs. Several big companies are adopting MongoDB training to trained their people for analyzing and managing BigData sets.

Our new “data-on-demand” society has resulted in vast amounts of information being collected by major IT systems. Whether these are social media photos or international store transactions, the amount of good, quantifiable, data is increasing. The only way to control this growth is to quickly deploy an efficient management solution. Remember, aside from just being able to sort and organize the data, IT managers must be able to mine the information and make it work for the organization.

Experts at Nex-G Skills believe that the wave of big data and analytics will become so overwhelming that Hadoop will become the dominate platform in the market. As more Enterprises both in the public and private sectors collect data for the purpose of making more informed decisions to service customers better, this can be next big shift in the technology.


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